Roller Blinds

Welcome to the world of Francia Blinds and Draperies.

Our systems come with motorization technology to not only to beautify and promote shade to your home and at the same time add innovation and convenience to your home.

We offer you the following options.

Cable guided Roller Blinds

  1. Designed to filter light, control heat & glare.
  2. Designed with privacy in mind.
  3. Openness factor from 0% (blackout) to 15% (extremely open weave)
  4. Cuts down heat & light glare.
  5. Freshen up your home
  6. Daytime privacy
  7. Reduces air-condition consumption
  8. PVC coated fiberglass
  9. Aluminium Alloy Frame with Stainless Steel accessories
  10. Wide range of Acrylic / Sunscreen Mesh fabrics to blend to any surrounding
  11. Accessories : Wind / Rain / Sun Sensors , Remote control, Timers
  12. Applications : Hotels , Homes, Shops , Commercial Buildings, etc...

Track Guided Roller Blinds

There are a few different types of zip blinds in the market.
Some are using zipper technology and there are also some using the track guided system.
Our, Slidetrack blinds, designed and manufactured in Australia are track driven system providing seamless movement and can stop at any point/height.

Shade & Privacy:

Provide effective shading and screening solutions for commercial and residential applications.


Designed to be unobtrusive and present clean functional lines and thus complementing the appearance of your property.

Simple Design:

One-handed operation with a central locking position making it a breeze to use.
No ropes, pulleys, zippers or straps are used in our blinds.
The fabric is held in tracks both sides and a sealing strip or valance at the bottom helps keep insects out.
Intermediate locking positions are easily provided.

Strong & Durable:

The bottom bar is firmly located within the side tracks resulting in a strong design without wear marks.
Exposed parts are made from stainless steel and aluminium.
With the screening fabric held securely in the side tracks, there is no need to keep the sheet tightly stretched.