Openable Roofing System ( ORS )

Francia® Openable Roofing System has been certified Green Building Products by Green Building Council.

The perfect sun and rain protection system which also allows ventilation, view and light control The Francia® Openable Roofing System was created with the intention of providing a shade for weather protection with multi purpose applications. They can be installed as a stand alone roof or over a glass or screened enclosure. Depending on the application Francia® Openable Roofing System can be installed vertically, pitched or horizontally. The special design combined with structural aluminium alloys used in the manufacturing process a llow the louvers to extend up to 6 meter length (projection) with no limitation on width. With the application of German motion control technology Francia® Openable Roofing System rotate with complete smoothness and extremely silently from 0┬░ to 160┬░ with the simple push of a button.


The extremely unique feature of is its 9 built-in drainage capability (2010 model). Unlike most louvers sold or installed worldwide, Ours are probably the only louver system designed to still permit the smooth drainage of rainwater despite foreign matter or leaves causing obstruction. This is worthy of mention as water accumulation on any freestanding profile can cause severe damage to the system and is extremely dangerous if the effected profile were to get dislocated from the system due to the weight of water and fall to the ground. THIS CAN AND PROBABLY WILL CAUSE SEVERE DAMAGE TO PROPERTY OR HUMANS BELOW IT.

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