Acrylic Fabric

  1. High colour fastness, rot resistant UV coated
  2. Water impermeability of 1500mm.

At CITEL S.A. the DOCRIL N fabric is manufactured with meticulous care. The high quality of raw materials together with strict quality control of the production process, from the spinning to the finished product, guarantees that DOCRIL will live up to your expectations regarding both design and quality.

The LEACRIL OUTDOOR HM ECO fiber combines excellent colour fastness with high CITEL S.A., uses «TEFLON®» (registered trade mark by Dupont) in its finishing process which: This fabric has a water-impermeability of 1500mm as compared to most other brands of acrylic fabric, which have a water-impermeability of 200mm – 300mm

Acrylic Fabric Types

Acrylic Stripe Fabric on Awnings

Acrylic Stripe Fabric on Square Parasols

Our Different Range of Fabrics

Sunscreen Fabric

Acrylic Trimming

Valance Design


Airtex Fabric

Garden Furniture Fabric


Shade Cloth - C95

Atex Fire Proof Fabric


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