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Green Benefits of Exterior Louver

External Louvers Produce Green Benefits. Several books and studies exist dealing with the benefits and effects of exterior Louver on building energy management.

Recent studies, published on the internet show that an external controllable solar shading system substantially reduces both the capital cost of plant and the associated running costs for air conditioning. A 20% reduction in the annual cooling energy demand can be achieved, which translates into a huge savings per annum.

As one would expect, the benefits to the owner in the form of economy, make for a strong case in favour of External Louver systems. Another compelling reason for using External Louver systems is the architectural appearance which may become a positive aesthetic enhancement.

    1. 1. Solar Shading is probably the most underestimated and misunderstood source of passive cooling and CO2 reduction realized by reducing the cooling energy demand.
    2. 2. Successful daylighting designs will pay close attention to the use of external shading devices to reduce glare and excess contrast in the workspace.
    3. 3. External Louvers will reduced cooling energy demand by avoiding superfluous solar heat gains, and doing it without compromising the benefits of daylighting.

Benefits of Daylighting include:

  1. Improved Life-Cycle Cost
  2. Increased User Productivity
  3. Reduced Emissions
  4. Reduced operating costs
  5. Payback by energy savings

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