Applications :

Homes, clubs, resorts, shops, Exhibitions, Fairs, Carnivals, Sport events, Product launch, Pool-shade, Car-shelter, etc.

Pyramid Cabanas


  1. Adds a special touch to the ambience.
  2. Wide range of fabrics to blend into any surroundings.
  3. Separate raised air-vent that enhances the looks, stability & air circulation.
  4. Accessories: Side Covers, Gutters, Partitions, Lights, Changing Rooms, etc.
  5. Sizes: Ranging from 2m-6m.
  6. Shapes: Rectangle, Hexagon and Octagon.

Mini Gazebos


  1. Light weight Foldable Tents.
  2. Open / Close in 1min
  3. Standard Size : 3m x 3m
  4. Standard Colours : Blue , Green, Red & White.

Gable End Cabanas

Alum Cabanas